Top ideas for community groups


Ideas for getting community organisations and charities involved this National Gardening Week

  • Get your group together and transform or clean-up an unused or neglected space in your area (with permission)

  • If you have a garden or space, hold a garden party to celebrate the work you do. Invite your friends, neighbours and the community and show them how they can get involved

  • Hold a fundraising event to raise money for a project your group is working on. Hold a cake sale, sponsored weeding marathon, organise a garden party

  • Organise some family activities. Get children to make a paper pot inspired by your organisation and plant a sunflower seed inside. Run a mask making or face painting session with butterflies, flowers, bugs and beasties as themes. Make flower and leaf collages or herb teas

  • Do you already hold regular meetings or events? List them on the National Gardening Week website to reach potential new members

  • Invite your local Britain in Bloom group in to give a talk on their Passion for Plants

  • Invite in an RHS expert (we can help with this) and run a mini-gardeners question time event – if your group is active on social media, you could broadcast this on Facebook Live

  • Talk to local schools about their green space and ask if your group can come in and give a talk, help out in the garden or run a workshop with a class/after-school club

  • Invite a local expert to give a talk or masterclass on a specific subject such as orchids, growing herbs or similar.

  • Organise a community ‘greening’ event: invite the public to come along and plant up baskets and containers to display in community spaces or help out in gardens