Grow & show a pumpkin


As part of National Gardening Week, RHS Garden Hyde Hall Horticulturist Matthew Oliver is encouraging new gardeners to have a go at growing a pumpkin by giving away free seeds harvested from his UK record breaking Giant Pumpkin.

Last year, Matthew broke the UK record for growing the heaviest outdoor-grown pumpkin, weighing in at a whopping 1333.8lbs (95 stone). It was grown from the world’s most expensive pumpkin seed, purchased at auction for £1,250 by Paul Hansord from Ipswich-based seed merchants Thompson & Morgan.

After the Hyde Hall pumpkin’s record was confirmed, Matthew harvested the seeds and then turned the pumpkin into a boat and set sail across the Hyde Hall Lake.

Visitors coming along to the giveaway should be aware that there is a limited amount of pumpkin seed available, and it will be on a first-come, first served basis, limited to one seed per family. However, if you’re not successful in acquiring a free seed you can also purchase seeds from Matthew’s UK Giant Pumpkin from Thompson & Morgan which is selling them under the name of Matt’s Monster.

Free pumpkin seed giveaway on Wednesday 12 April, from 10.30am.

Later in the year, on 28 October, there will be a Pumpkin Day at Hyde Hall and a prize will be awarded for the largest pumpkin brought along on the day – so take up the challenge and get sowing and growing outdoors.