Spread the word

The downloads below are 2016 posters. Check back at a later date for 2017 promotion material. 

We’ve created a few essentials to help you spread the word about National Gardening Week or your event. Still need an idea for your event? See ‘What’s On’ for a few ideas to get you started

Download and print posters soon to let people know when, where and what’s happening. Feel free to use them wherever you want - the more people that know about National Gardening Week the better.

A3 colour poster 2016 (3.2MB pdf)

A4 colour poster 2016 (1.7MB pdf)

Running an event? Then print off our special posters and fill in with information about what you’re doing.

A3 fill-in colour poster 2016 (1.3MB pdf)

A3 fill-in black and white poster 2016 (939kB pdf)

A4 fill-in colour poster 2016 (785kB pdf)

A4 fill-in black and white poster 2016 (548kB pdf)

Coming soon! If you’ve got your own website and want to promote National Gardening Week we will create some online ads that might come in handy. 

If you want to include the National Gardening Week logo it will help tie your event in with everything else that’s going on around the country.

To print and use the logos below follow these instructions:

  • open link

  • right click (Mac users: click & hold) on image

  • select 'save image as...' 

Colour logo - 2016

Colour logo (transparent background) - 2016

National Gardening Week Flag